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Rollovers And Transfers


If you have left your employer because of retirement or other reasons, a Rollover may be possible. The rollover could be a 401(K) Rollover or other public retirement accounts such as 403(B) and 457(B) rollovers. If keeping your account at your former employer is permitted, the following questions should be answered:

a) What are the total costs you are paying for your account to be held in your former employer's retirement plan? These costs include investment (retail funds) costs, management costs, transaction costs, and any other fees that are being charged directly or indirectly to you.

b) Does your current asset allocation in your retirement plan reflect your unique financial situation?

c) Do you have access to a source of financial knowledge that can help you make better informed financial decisions in your retirement?

Some potential advantages to rolling over your retirement account to an Individual Retirement Account with Carr Wealth Management, LLC, are:

  1. Increased personal service and emphasis on your unique circumstances.
  2. Lower costs through no-load, institutional mutual funds and competitive advisory fees.
  3. Access to a knowledgeable source of financial information.


Whether it's due to changing employers or choosing different investment opportunities, it's not uncommon to have accumulated several investments by the time one reaches retirement. While having many types of investments may be a positive accomplishment, it may be beneficial to examine whether there's a more efficient way to consolidate your investments to avoid a record keeping nightmare and know where you are with overall asset allocations, costs, and risks. Some potential advantages to consolidating your retirement accounts with Carr Wealth Management, LLC, are:

  1. Uniform your investment strategy with a clearer picture of how your objectives and goals match your investments and risk tolerance.
  2. Consolidate your accounts as much as possible which saves time and possibly costs.
  3. Take advantage of the lower costs provided by our competitive low-cost investment vehicles and fee-only cost structure.



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