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The Smarter Approach To Investing & Planning

 Making a decision to seek financial advice as a means to help realize financial goals is a major step. The people providing that advice must have expertise in their field, and have a fiduciary duty of always acting in the client's best interests. Areas involving investment advice or management, social security strategies, tax planning, distribution planning, and estate planning are going to require a source of trustworthy and reliable advice. Finding an advisor who can prevent you from making the wrong decisions can be just as valuable as someone who helps you make the right decisions.

Anthony B. Carr, CPA, CFP™, owner of Carr Wealth Management, LLC, has been managing investments for clients for over twenty-one years and has been an active CPA for over thirty-four years. Below is a list of some common issues that our company can help with.

  • What type of financial plan do I have for my future?
  • Am I receiving an investment return that matches my risk tolerance? Is my return exceeding my inflationary - sensitive personal expenses?
  • When should I take social security benefits?
  • How can I maximize total social security benefits between my spouse and me?
  • Should I sell my residence and move to a smaller house? What are my projected taxes if I do so?
  • What are the tax effects of converting my personal residence into a rental? Or converting my rental into a personal residence?
  • Should I diversify my assets away from rental property as I get older?
  • Should I consider a Roth IRA now?
  • What are the rules for inheriting an IRA?
  • What are the rules for passing IRAs to beneficiaries?
  • Are the beneficiaries of my investment accounts listed properly and in accordance with plan documents such as will or trust?
  • When should I exercise my stock options? Do I need to worry about AMT?


      Please feel free to review our services and contact us to schedule a free no-charge consultation (phone call).


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