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Carr Wealth Management, LLC

Anthony Carr, CPA, CFP®, EA, MBA, has been serving the Tri-Valley area with independent financial planning services for 20 years.

Anthony’s vast knowledge base provides the company’s clients with expertise in all areas of the financial life cycle – accumulation, distribution, and preservation. A client of Carr Wealth Management receives personal attention and an assurance that their best interests are always top priority.

Initial No-Charge Consultation

Contact us to receive this valuable opportunity to sit down with Mr. Carr and ask questions to find out if you need planning, or if you simply need answers to a few financial questions. The only cost is your time, but the benefit could far outweigh the time it would take to find out where you stand financially.

Investment Management

We stress goal-oriented investment strategies instead of transaction oriented ones. We help clients take advantage of the markets instead of the markets taking advantage of them.

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The retirement phase can be the most challenging for retirees - they need to accumulate wealth and outpace inflation; they confront various tax issues in distribution strategies; and they need to ensure their eventual family transfer goals are preserved.

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A vast resource of financial information at your disposal. Articles, Videos, Calculators, and Slide Shows designed to simplify financial areas that retirees commonly face. 

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