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Company Investment Philosophy

Client Centered

The Company's investment philosophy is centered around academic research and straightforward common-sense investors can understand. The company advocates an investment philosophy whose core principal is the commitment to goal-oriented investing, rather than to transaction-oriented investing. Since 2000, we have specialized in managing client portfolios using passive management strategies - a low cost, diversified approach employing funds designed to track indexes or market sectors instead of trying to outperform them, which is difficult mainly due to added costs.

We believe we provide investors with the best chance of a successful investment experience - that means more than just returns. Adding client value is not just helping them make the right decisions, but it also includes helping them avoid making the wrong ones!

Why Are We Different?

The most powerful investment strategy an investor can follow involves the simple act of compounded growth - earnings on earnings, or interest on interest. The exponential impact of compounded growth can be staggering, but unless investors adopt a long-term investment approach, they may be doomed to engage in short-term speculative investing. Unfortunately, the excessive fees paid to someone to manage your investments, the costs of the investment vehicles used, and the cost of ineffective strategies may reduce the available market returns that may make your goals harder to reach. Here at Carr Wealth Management, we've helped clients since 2000 manage their investments with a unwavering dedication to long-term discipline. We help you reach your financial goals by providing access to a more efficient way of investing - lower fees, independence, a fiduciary, tax-expertisediversification, and a long-term disciplined approach.

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