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There is value in the time and resources required to manage one's financial life.

 Staying up to date on the changing landscape of investments, financial planning, taxes, and other regulatory matters requires time, expertise, and resources. Many people outsource other aspects of their lives to professional service providers because they either understand the complexity of the matter or place a greater value on time gained. By delegating their financial and investment details to a professional advisor, clients can spend more time doing the things that are most important to them.

Carr Wealth Management, LLC, is a fee-only financial planning firm.

What is a fee-only financial planner?

Clients pay A fee-only financial planner directly for their services, be it a flat fee, hourly rate, or a percentage of assets under management. Carr Wealth Management’s fee-only pay structure means they do not receive commissions or other payments from the providers of financial products they recommend to clients.

Fee-only financial advisors act as “fiduciary,” meaning they must put their client’s interests first. Carr Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment advisor, and Anthony B. Carr, owner, is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner.


What is a fee-based financial planner?

A fee-based financial planner gets paid by the client but also via other sources, such as commissions from financial products that clients purchase. This can create a conflict of interest, as the advisor charges you for advice while steering you toward investment products from which the advisor profits.

Ask if your financial planner is a broker or a dealer, also known as a registered representative. These planners are generally held to a lower legal standard, which requires them to sell products that are “suitable” for their clients.

Carr Wealth Management LLC’s only compensation is the annual management fee clients pay us. We are not paid by commissions, sales or transaction charges, revenue sharing, or other compensation schemes.

The annual fee for investment management is based on the assets we manage. The fee includes both ongoing investment management and financial planning. Services include the selection and ongoing management of investments, preparation of a financial plan (see "financial planning fees" below), annual meetings to review investments and financial plans, and ongoing education on a variety of investment and financial topics. Also we help the coordination, if needed, between tax-preparers, estate planning attorneys, and insurance providers.

Our Fee Structure Is As Follows:

Assets Under Management                    Annual Fee                             Quarterly Fee     

$200,001     -     $500,000                              1.00%                                         .25%

$500,001     -     $1,000,000                            . 90%                                       .225%

$1,000,001     -    $2,000,000                          .80%                                          .20%

   Over $2,000,001                                      Negotiable                                 Negotiable

Financial Planning Fees - Hourly Rate

We offer our financial planning services on a complimentary basis to our investment management clients. If you are not an investment management client, but are interested in having us prepare a comprehensive financial plan for you, we offer these services for a flat hourly fee of $150 per hour and provide up front a "do not exceed" amount. If you decide after the financial plan that you would like C.W.M. to manage your investment accounts, then a credit adjustment for the planning fee toward the investment management fee is possible.

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