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Our Process

In a nutshell, we view the planning process as finding out where you want to go, where you currently stand financially, and then we determine the optimal strategies to help you reach your destination. That may be a straight-line approach to achieving goals, but one thing we can be certain of is that the journey along the path won't be anything like a straight-line. Life will invariably bring unexpected events, issues, and changing family circumstances. Creating a plan is critical to achieving financial goals. But like other goals, getting started on them is the most difficult part. 

 But please don’t dismiss the need to have a plan. The value of having a roadmap on paper can't be overlooked - it can help you with financial decisions! When the focus remains on accomplishing goals, then the means used to accomplish your goals become easier to manage. A plan tailored to your needs will enable you to know why you’re taking certain strategies and what you can expect from them.

 As you enter various phases of your financial life-cycle, you need access to a source of information that can help you make better informed financial decisions while you confront changing financial issues. At Carr Wealth Management, we believe that adding value can be as much as keeping clients from making the wrong decisions, as it is helping them make the right ones.

How We Work

Where You’re At Now?

If we can’t get an accurate picture of where you currently stand financially, then how can we possibly know what the best strategies are to help you get to your destination? Identifying your financial condition can tell us more about your liquidity needs, cash flow, income sources, and most importantly, your level of risk tolerance.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Your goals and objectives should be the driving force behind all recommendations, ideas, and strategies used in a plan. When the focus remains on accomplishing your goals, then the means used to attaining your goals become easier to manage. We take pride in understanding our client’s vision, which is not numerically-driven but created by their desires for a more certain future for themselves and their families.

How Are You Going To Get There?

Avoiding product-driven ideas and strategies are at the core of Carr Wealth Management's unique knowledge-driven service.To make sure you stay on the right path, you need expert financial advice in various financial areas. We can identify the most cost efficient strategies to help you reach your goals and convey the results of your ongoing plan to you in a way you can feel confident that have access to high-quality financial advice.

Phases of The Financial Life-Cycle

Accumulation Phase

Accumulation Phase

Those in the accumulation phase generally have longer time-horizons that may allow for higher risk tolerances and potentially higher returns.

Distribution Phase

Distribution Phase

One of the most challenging phase since many in the distribution phase are balancing financial issues in all phases along with identifying tax favored strategies for the various sources of income.

Preservation And Protection Phase

Preservation And Protection Phase

The emphasis for those in this stage can be keeping what they have, fulfilling family transfer goals, and ensuring they don't outlive their money.

As people move farther down the financial life-cycle, different issues and priorities will inevitably surface; a well-documented financial plan will help monitor and adjust strategies to change with objectives. One of the biggest difference between the phases will be the risk tolerance. Carr Wealth Management specializes in helping you identify a risk level that matches your financial situation.

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