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Anthony B. Carr, CPA, CFP®

Anthony B. Carr, CPA, CFP®




  I am Anthony B. Carr, owner of Carr Wealth Management, LLC. I must first point out that I have always used the term "Wealth" as I would with "Net Worth," it is just that "Carr Net-Worth Management" doesn't have the same ring. Anybody that has set financial goals for themselves and would like help achieving them can qualify as somebody who needs financial planning.

My wife and I have lived in Pleasanton since 1988. I grew up in Oroville, a small town in Northern California. When I was nineteen (1979), I moved to Hayward, where I met my future and current wife at Chabot College. We married in 1980.

 I am fortunate to have unique abilities involving numerical calculations performed in my head, sort of like the " Rainman." But from the beginning, I wasn't sure what field I would pursue, so in college, I decided to learn a couple of significant areas – I have a B.S. in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. Accounting has rigid rules, and finance is where much uncertainty is present. I wish I could say that no mental uncertainty was present during my night school classes.

 I became a CPA in 1988 and began my professional career working in a CPA firm; then, I worked in the private sector as a controller/CFO, where my job centered on safeguarding company assets. In 1994, I began my own consulting business, offering tax preparation and business consulting. In 1998, I became a Certified Financial Planner™ and included financial planning and investment management to my accounting services.

 My introduction into the financial planning industry did not take the traditional route of starting at a brokerage firm, where sales training and cold calling would be required of me. I was an accountant. I operated a small tax and consulting company. Now I was adding another role – financial planner. My initial clients for planning services in 2000 were mostly my tax clients. Many of those clients back then remain clients today. That initial client base grew slowly for many years as I spent less on marketing and more on my accounting business – tax preparation, Controller (temp), and business consulting.

 Today I no longer operate an accounting or tax business, but my clients benefit from the knowledge and experience I offer in my advisor role. I have managed client investments for over twenty-three years. My experience as a CPA helps me explain financial issues verbally and through a presentation more clearly. I offer a high level of tax experience and knowledge that can translate into a value-added financial resource to my clients. I have been a fiduciary for thirty-five years. My independence assures objectivity at all times. My fees are fee-only and competitively low – I aim to build long-term relationships.  

 I have been a Certified Financial Planner® for twenty-five years, but I’m still an accountant at heart, and I think like one. My investment philosophy has always been the same – using the evidence available to my clients to help explain the benefits of long-term disciplined investing. Compounded and tax-deferred growth is the most effective and potent investment strategy - and it's free. But it can be difficult to remain disciplined with all the “noise” around us. My background and experience make me perfectly suited to help with the various financial issues confronting individuals today – investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning. I have never had a formal complaint or disciplinary action against me in my licensed areas or credentials.   

Please review my website for more information on my company, how we can help you with your planning needs, and our educational resources that I'm constantly upgrading. Please get in touch with us if you have a question or want to discuss my services further. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Meeting with me at no cost and discussing your situation, at a minimum, be worthwhile for you. 


Anthony B. Carr, CPA, CFP®, MBA