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Anthony B. Carr, owner of Carr Wealth Management, LLC, has been using Dimensional Fund Advisor's mutual funds since 2002. Dimensional is an institutional investment company that offers it's investment solutions to individuals, pension plans, and endowment funds. The company's investment philosophy is centered around straightforward, common sense investment principles that investors can understand. Below is a list of Videos that Dimensional has prepared to help describe the company's philosophy and investment vehicles.

About Dimensional Fund Advisors

For more than 35 years, Dimensional has been putting financial science to work for investors by translating compelling research into real-world investment solutions.

Staying In The Market

Investment strategies are a function of a client's objectives and goals. Unless a client's objectives change or their financial situation changes, the investment philosophy of "staying the course" should apply. 

Controlling What You Can Control

The Future is uncertain, and we don't know how markets will react from day to day. But what we can control in our investment strategy involve the choices of expenses, diversification, and time horizon. We let the markets do the rest.

independent Objective Advice

Knowledge-driven advice with a company who has no ties or obligations with proprietary product selling companies.

Using A Financial Advisor.

Adding Value can be as much as helping clients avoid the wrong decisions as it is helping them make the right ones.