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Video - Company Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

I believe that each investment strategy be tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each client, and that taking advantage of the market's process of historically rewarding long-term discipline is best accomplished through low-cost, well-diversified, and tax efficient investments designed with the goal of earning long-term appreciation.

What drives Investment Performance?

Long-term Investment performance is generally dependent upon the level of risk exposure an investor accepts. Typically, the longer the time horizon an investor has, the greater the potential for favorable investment returns as investors with a longer time horizon are more likely able to withstand short-term market volatility. Of course, investing always involves risk, including the potential loss of principal.

What do you mean by having discipline?

I consider real investing to be a form of disciplined investing, but disciplined to your goals instead of a commitment to holding onto an investment come rain or shine. A client's investment strategies will be a function of their objectives, so unless factors affecting their objectives change, which would prompt a change in their investment allocation, we try and remain disciplined for the long-term.

Why is discipline so hard to maintain?

Separating emotions from sound investment decisions is what I believe to be the primary reason discipline is so hard to maintain, but I realize it's very difficult to maintain discipline in the investment environment we live in today. Financial magazines, newspapers, so-called experts on television shows, and the constant news updates on radio and television are all geared to invoke emotions of fear and greed, which may cause investors to adopt ineffective strategies.

"No strategy assures success or protects against loss"