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Video - Public v. Private Investments


Investments can come in many forms, but I like to break them down into two main categories – there are public investments, such as a stock in a company listed on the NYSE, or a government bond, then there are private investment, such as a partnership in a shopping mall, or an interest in a start-up company. The investments Carr Wealth uses are publicly traded investments that are listed on all major exchanges; they’re considered liquid investments that can be converted into cash within days if needed. They’re investments that are predominately low-cost, institutional, and well-diversified mutual funds, the same type of funds that some major pension plans and endowment funds have access to. The company doesn’t use private equity investments, hedge funds, high-cost annuities, or any type of investments that are considered too complicated to understand.

An important principle I adhere to is that “the more complicated an investment is, the less it probably benefits the investor.” Carr Wealth can help explain the different type of investments and illustrate how they can be tailored specifically to the unique needs of each client.