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Video - What is A Wealth Manager?


What is a Wealth Manager?

A wealth manager is a financial professional who I believe should possess a greater level of financial knowledge compared to other professionals in the planning business. The scope of their expertise should include all the major areas of asset management, and their level of services should apply to clients who are either in the accumulation, distribution, or preservation phases.

On Being Independent

Since I'm providing a service instead of a product, the added value to a client can be difficult to measure. There is no immediate tangible benefit provided. Instead, there are many other elements to adding value that are less transparent - and I believe that one of the most important ones is to assure clients that I'm always working in their best interests, and I truly feel the only way of accomplishing this is to remain free of any ties and obligations, which I feel include being employed by, any company which sells proprietary products.

The Benefit of being a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

I believe both my accounting and planning expertise can contribute to help clients pursue their financial objectives. In a nutshell, I view the financial planning process as finding out where clients want to go, finding out where they’re at now, and then developing a plan which helps them work towards their destinations. It is the accounting expertise which helps identify and quantify where clients want to go and determine where they’re at now. And it’s competent planning that helps develop, implement, and monitor a suitable financial plan designed to help clients pursue their objectives.