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Understanding Today's Financial Environment

Welcome, We are Carr Wealth Management, LLC, an Independent, Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory Firm specializing in Financial Planning and Investment Management services. We realize that making a decision to seek financial advice as a means to help realize financial goals is a major step. The needs of today’s investor include advice in various financial areas that can go beyond asset allocation and product-oriented strategies. 

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The Retirement Phase of a person's financial life can be the most challenging since it requires a balancing act of the most important elements in managing assets  - accumulation, distribution, preservation, and protection. Today's retiree's face decisions requiring expert advice, including:

  • Social Security Planning
  • Rules on Inherited IRA's
  • Estate Planning Issues
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Carr Wealth Management, LLC, provides Investment strategies focused on straightforward, common sense principles designed to benefit from long-term risk/return relationships instead of short-term, transaction-oriented, speculative strategies that can lead to higher expenses and counter-productive results.

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Fiduciary Care

Always acting in the best interests of clients should not have to be legally required – it should be a universal rule.

DOL Fiduciary Rule Takes Effect On June 9, 2017.

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